iOverlander and Garmin

iOverlander™ has partnered with Garmin® to provide our points preloaded on several of GPS devices. Below are some details on what this means for iOverlander users.

Which devices?

iOverlander points are available on the Garmin Overlander™ device worldwide. They are also available on the Garmin RV 780 and Garmin RV 785 devices sold in the Americas. As usual, all of our points are downloadable from our website. If you wish to manually load points on to a different device, you still can.

Which places and what data?

All iOverlander points for all categories are available on the above devices, except for places that are closed or flagged for deletion. Each point includes the place location, name, description, amenities, and date last verified. Garmin devices do not display check-in comments or images.

How often is the Garmin data updated?

Usually every 2 months. If there are very few changes in a region, then an update may be skipped. But it will never be more than 4 months between updates. Currently our database is changing and growing at such a rate that it is likely updates will occur every 2 months for all regions except Australia (because we have very few points in that area). You are not able to make changes to places or create check-ins directly from the Garmin devices, you’ll have to do that with the iOverlander app or website.

Why did iOverlander agree to license their points?

For two reasons. First, we need the income to build an upgrade for our apps. The time and skills required for this are outside of the realm we can expect from volunteers (we know, we’ve been trying for years!) Our income from Garmin will pay for the developer time to build a v2, hopefully with a set of new features you’ll all love (ahem, favorites anyone?)

Secondly, it’s pretty handy for overlanders to have our points preloaded on a Garmin device! No, we don’t expect everyone to go out and drop big bucks on a new GPS! But, if you were planning a long term trip and were in the market for a new GPS anyway, it’s a convenient option to have iOverlander points already loaded for you.

What changes at iOverlander because of this?

Mostly this agreement brings stability to iOverlander. We now have a bit of income to sustain our apps, pay our expenses, and fix some major issues that have been annoying users since the beginning of iOverlander-time.

Garmin and iOverlander are (and will remain!) two separate companies. Our free apps and website are not going away, nor are we changing the way we accept or reject places.  iOverlander is NOT forcing you to buy a Garmin device. Just like Garmin isn’t forcing it’s buyers to use iOverlander points. Garmin is simply licensing our data for a period of time. It’s there for your convenience, but without obligation. You can still access points and GPX files just like you always have, for free, on either our apps or our website.

About iOverlander

iOverlander is a free website and app created to help overlanders on the road find their next destination. Please help us improve our data by updating and adding places you have been.

iOverlander is a nonprofit project. We are almost completely volunteer run. If you enjoy our app, if it has saved you some time, or petrol, or cash, please consider giving back.

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