In the beginning…

iOverlander is made possible because of the work of many, many travelers. We owe a huge thank you to everyone who helped sludge through spreadsheets, sort data, test our website and our app. To those who gave feedback and encouragement, to our developers, and perhaps most importantly, to every overlander who has taken the time to write down every place they have slept. iOverlander would not have been possible without you.

Our Founders

iOverlander was founded by Sam Christiansen and Jessica Mans, way back in 2014. They started this project as a way to help travelers find places to camp while driving the PanAmerican. The continue to manage and maintain it today with a worldwide network of places.

Amazing Contributors

iOverlander has been fortunate enough to have the dedication of many individuals, who have given far more hours than we can count to help build both the foundations that establish our database of places, and our technology and infrastructure. Some worked in their area of expertise, and others jumped in headfirst and learned whatever they needed to get the job done.

Here is a list of some of these amazing people: Ben Buetikofer, Kobus Mans, Alberto Rocha, Jan van Bekkum, Wendy Bohaychuk, Bjorn Koopmans, Sean Reed, Tyson Gach, Tony Lee, Marek Cais, Cody Daig, Fabian Plock, Erdem Yucel. (To those I may have forgotten, forgive me, it’s certainly not intentional.)

Our Moderator Team

iOverlander would not be possible without the help of our moderator team. This incredible team composed mostly of volunteers spends hundreds of hours reviewing new places, updates, and user reported problems. They tirelessly complete tasks, track down problems, and ensure our database stays clean. There are entirely too many moderators to mention here. Some volunteer for a few months, and others for years! Regardless, if you ever find yourself fortunate enough to meet an iOverlander moderator, you should definitely thank them, and probably buy them a beer. iOverlander would not be half as good without their efforts!

Listings Contributors

To every overlander who has taken the time to contribute new places, update and submit corrections, or simply left a check-in. Thank you!

About iOverlander

iOverlander is a website and mobile app created to help overlanders on the road find their next destination. Please help us improve our data by updating and adding places you have been.

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