I have time!

iOverlander is a 100% volunteer run project. We are always looking for help moderating, adding, developing, testing, writing, coding and organizing our data. If you have spare time and can help with one of the items below, send us an email at ioverlander.com@gmail.com.

We need help:

Cleaning and moderating data

We get a lot of new data, all the time! Each place needs to be looked at by a real human. Descriptions need cleaned, spam needs flagged, duplicates need removed, and many other tasks that we won’t bore you with now. You’ll need a computer and access to the internet. Time dedication: 5 minutes to 10 years.

Developing this site and apps

If you didn’t notice, there’s a lot of work in making this app actually do what it’s supposed to! If you have developer skillz, and can donate some time to get new features implemented, we’d love it.

Promoting iOverlander

Facebook and forum addict? This is for you. We need help getting the word out about this project. This involves a whole lot of social networking, posting on forums, and reaching out to other overlanders that haven’t heard about us. Anyone can do this, and you don’t even need permission. But, if you have some serious time to dedicate, and would like to manage some social media channels for us, then send an email!

Translating to Spanish or German

Eventually we’d like to make the app and website available in multiple languages. This is a ways off, but if you speak Spanish or German fluently, we could use your help.

Have another idea?

Have a great idea that’s not on our list? Or not sure what is best for you? Send us an email. iOverlander.com@gmail.com