iOverlander is made possible because of the work of many, many travelers. We owe a huge thank you to everyone who helped sludge through spreadsheets, sort data, test our website and our app. To those who gave feedback and encouragement, to our developers, and perhaps most importantly, to every overlander who has taken the time to write down every place they have slept. This project would not have been possible without you.


Sam Christansen of, is the lead developer (and for a long time, the only developer) at iOverlander. Sam built this site, the web app, the iphone app and has spent hundreds of hours pouring over every detail and functionality of iOverlander. He started this project while living on the road, but continues to support it today, even with a full time job.

Jessica Mans of is the graphic designer, spreadsheet organizer and chief list maker. More like an adviser than a manager, she deals with the details, spent months standardizing the input format for all of the places, surveying other travelers and writing the content for this website.

Amazing Contributors

Jan van Bekkum of is a moderator and contributor to iOverlander. He not only reviews hundreds of places a month, he is also heavily involved in discussing new features and helping to make decisions about the future of iOverlander.

Bjorn Koopmans of, is also a long time moderator of iOverlander who not only helps reviewing new places and moderating user problems, but also helps to train new moderators and is involved in discussions and problem-solving to constantly make iOverlander a better resource.

Matt Malone is rebuilding our website from the ground up. He converted our maps to OSM, and implemented dozens of features users have been begging for since we launched.

Past Contributors

Tony Lee Moderator extraordinaire, has been cleaning out our database for months. He moderates tasks, finds closed places, removes errors, contacts confused users and much more. He keeps iOverlander from being full of clutter, regardless of where he’s traveling in the world. Tony also manages questions and suggestions from all of you whether its via email, facebook or forum post.

Ernesto Lopez of Overland the Americas is a Mobile & UI designer helping keep our website and mobile apps user friendly. He’s also a beta tester, and a feedback gatherer who’s compiling information from users all over so we know what to do next!

Marek Cais of is quite possibly the world’s best UI designer who redesigned most of this site the month before we launched. And more amazingly he did it while driving the Carreterra Austral in Southern Chile, which is known to have quite possibly the least reliable internet in the world.

Fabian Plock of in his not-so-spare time, took charge of finding, organizing, moderating and compiling hundreds of points in Africa and Europe. He’s made iOverlander an app for traveling the world, not just the Americas.

Erdem Yucel of Nonurbia who is on a mission to make every icon and logo in our site look good. Thank goodness too!

Beta Testers

A huge thanks to Toby & Chloe of Carpe Viam, Victoria and Jason of [Neli’s Big Adventure][8], Sarah & Hani of Adventure’s in Skyhorse, Jorn & Haichong of Roadtrippin the America’s, Simone & Michael of Off We Go, Claudia of Alaska to Patagonia, Steve of Overlanding Family, Coen of Land Cruising Adventure, and Karin & Marcus of who helped painstakingly test, test, and retest our iPhone app on thousands of miles of road.

Listings Contributors

Every overlander who has contributed their accommodation lists is mentioned on this page. Note that each and every one of these travelers has given their permission to share this data. Thank you!

Want to help?

If you have time and would like to help moderate entires, answer emails, maintain our social media pages, develop new features, or apps, or any of the other million things that always need done, check out our I Have Time page. We always need volunteers!