Find Places

Looking for a place to stay? There are several ways to find them.

1. Browse the map

Just want to click around a map and see how awesome this is? Click the link above for a full map view. Note that you may have to zoom in before icons appear.

2. Browse by Country

Just want to see our location in one single country? Visit the link above to browse. At the bottom of this page there are also links to download this info as an Excel sheet, or a GPX file if you want to load it on your computer for offline viewing.

3. Search for a place

Search for a place by type, country, and the date most recently visited. Note that we are working on expanding this function so you can search by all types of amenities. It’s just not ready yet.

4. Get the iPhone app

If you have an iDevice, get the iOverlander app to view places near you, even when your phone is offline.