Why can’t I see the map?

Currently iOverlander does not support offline maps. iPhone does not cache any maps, so without internet you will not see the map. Android devices sometimes cache part of the map, so if you have viewed the area before, your phone will remember, and you can see the map for some time while offline.

You also have two other options:

  1. Maps.me or other offine mapping app: You are able to download another app which supports offline maps, such as Maps.me. When you look at a place on iOverlander, there is a button to open the place in Maps.me, allowing you to see the place on a map even without internet.
  2. Download GPX files: You can download entire parts of our database as a GPX file. This file can be loaded onto a device that can import and store GPX-files, such as GARMIN and Android and iOS navigation apps. This way you can see point of interest directly in your GPS.

I just added a place, but it’s not showing up on the map. Why?

All new places added on the website may take up to 24 hours to show up on the map. New places added via the mobile app may take up to two weeks to appear on the app, although they will appear on the website with 24 hours. To increase the speed of the site, the points on the map are only cached once per day. If you added a place with the iPhone app, make sure that your phone has synchronized the data. Go to Settings, then Synchronize, then look at the bottom of the screen under My Data. The status should say "completely synchronized." However, even if your phone is synchronized, it may not appear on your app for two weeks. The mobile app database is only regenerated twice per month.

I noticed mistakes in some places, how do I submit corrections?

In order to make edits to a place, you will need to check-in. After submitting your check-in (a comment and date you visited), you’ll be prompted to make edits to the listing. Because we want to make sure your information is the most up-to-date, you can only make edits if you were the most recent visitor to the place. Each individual page listing contains a link to check-in. Or you can go through the process of creating a new check-in http://app.ioverlander.com/check_ins/new. You can also check-in from the phone apps. Note: You will need to register for the site before you can check-in.

What language should I enter submissions in?

We ask that you enter the names of places in the local language and descriptions in English. We’re working on supporting multiple languages in iOverlander, but initially we will need everything in English as a beginning spot to start translations.

How can I help support iOverlander?

iOverlander is run by volunteers; if you have a couple of hours a week of time to help us out, please click here for more information.

I know of a place that isn’t listed on your site. How do I add it?

  1.  Go to the Check-in or Add New Place page.  http://app.ioverlander.com/check_ins/new
  2. Enter the GPS coordinates at the top of the page, or navigate to it on the map. Click the big "Add New Place" button.
  3. Enter all the details and submit.

How do I mark a place as closed or non-existent?

Locate the place on the map. Click the "Check-in" link. In the comments of the check-in leave a note as to why the place is closed, and if it permanent or temporary (if you know). Submit the check-in. On the next screen you are asked to make corrections to the listing. Change the field OPEN: to NO. If you don’t change this field the place will not be marked closed!

I am the owner or manager of a place. Am I allowed to add it to your database?

Yes, we encourage owners and managers to add their places to our database, but under two conditions. Your place must be relevant to overlanders, who are primarily looking for safe places to camp. If you add an irrelevant place, our moderators will delete it. In addition, you must make it clear that you are the owner adding the place, you must not pretend to be a traveler. We recommend that you make your username (blog name) the same as the name of your place. We also ask that you are completely honest. If you are found misleading travelers, they will leave negative reviews, and we will consider removing your place.

How do I download all of the places in a GPX or CSV format?

There are two ways to download points: 

  1. Download the points by country: http://app.ioverlander.com/countries/places_by_country
  2. Do a search on this page:http://app.ioverlander.com/places/search    After the search is complete, at the top of the page, underneath the header "### Places Found" it says "Download these results as GPX | JSON | CSV | XLS." Click one of the links to download you search results.

What do the icons on the map mean?

On the top right corner of the homepage there is a button that says "Show Legend." Click the button and then select an icon on the left to view the category description on the right side.

Is iOverlander a corporation? Are you going to sell my data or start charging me to use the site?

iOverlander is an LLC, but dedicated to remaining a not for profit. Which means that any money we earn or that is donated goes to paying for the costs of hosting and maintaining the site. We intend to keep it free for overlanders forever, although expect us to eventually ask for donations, because it’s not free to host website or phone apps. We aren’t in this to make money, especially off overlanders! We do not intend to sell any of the data, but we do request ownership of it so that we can share it. For example, we might want to give all of these POI to other mapping companies like OSM, so all the points will already be on your GPS maps, but in order to do that we must have the rights to the user submitted data. Here are the Terms & Conditions of Use http://blog.ioverlander.com/terms-and-conditions/

How do I delete a single check-in?

If you have NOT yet synchronized the check-ins on your phone, you can go to Check in History. Select the check-in that you want to delete and click Delete at the top of the screen. This ONLY works if you have not synced the check-in.

If you have synced, the only way to delete is to login online (on the ioverlander website). Use the same login as you have on your phone. Then in the My Account menu, select My Check-ins. You will see a list of all your recent check-ins. To the right of each check-in is a link that says DELETE check-in. That will allow you to permanently remove the check-in. You can only do this on the website, it’s unfortunately not available on phones. And this will not delete the entire place, it will only delete your check-in.

If you want to delete an entire place, you can use the report a problem button. Chose the option “This place is closed or doesn’t exist”. Then select Other. Then leave a note as to why the place needs to be removed. A moderator will review and delete for you.

I have a Windows phone. Do you have an app for that?

Unfortunately we do not have a Windows app. You can use ioverlander via the website at ioverlander.com, but it will not work offline. Or you could download the points you need in a GPX file (to use on a Garmin GPS device), or you can download as a CSV and open in Excel.

How do I change my Blog name (the name that is publicly displayed with each post)?

You can make the edit on the iOverlander website. Go to ioverlander.com and login. Then go to My Account (in the top menu), and select Edit blog details. There you can change your blog Name (at the top of the page.) The name is what is displayed publicly.

Please note that it could take up to two weeks for this change to populate to everyone’s devices. It should change almost immediately on the website, but it will not change on mobile devices until we regenerate the database (which happens once per week), and others resync the new database.

I accidently added the wrong photos to a check-in. How do I delete them?

The only way to delete photos is to delete the check-in that contains the photos. You must do this on our website, it is not possible on the iPhone app. Go to ioverlander.com and login. Then go to My Account (in the top menu), and select My Check-Ins. You will see a list of your check-ins. Click the link to the right of the check-in you wish to delete "Delete Check-in" You can then add the check-in again if you want, with or without photos.