Bulk Import

At this time, iOverlander is accepts very few bulk imports of new places. Unfortunately, due to limited volunteer resources, and the growing size of our database, we are unable to manage these types of imports.
If you have a list of unique place, especially where iOverlander has very few points, please contact us. If you are willing to organize the data in our formats, we may be able to help with a bulk import.

First, make sure you’ve checked these things:

  1. Do you have permission to use this data? If it’s yours, then great! If not, please contact the owner of the place listings to make sure we have permission to add them to our database.
  2. Does this data have the required fields? (Or can you add them). All places require several fields: GPS coordinate, date visited, type (campground, hotel, restaurant, etc), name, description. In order to ensure the best quality of data these fields are REQUIRED for all submissions. The correct format for these fields are explained below.

You’ve got all the data and permission, what next?

  1. Email us to make sure we will accept the bulk import!
  2. Put your data in the iOverlander format. See our post on the iOverlander input format for the details on what this means.
  3. Become a moderator and help remove duplicates and clean your data.
  4. Recruit all your overlander friends to use iOverlander!