What’s coming?

I know, you’re not impressed yet. There’s some thing you really wanted, that we haven’t implemented. That one little feature/field/fun tid bit that’s not included. Don’t worry, we’re not done yet. The to do list for iOverlander is ever growing.

Ongoing additions:

Cleaning and moderating data. If you haven’t noticed, there’s a lot of info on each place, and there are a lot of places! We’re constantly working through a big list to clean up descriptions, merge duplicates and make everything neat and tidy. Some of this is done automatically, others tasks relay on volunteer moderators, but in many cases we rely on users reporting issues in order to fix the data.


Have an idea for our website or phone app?

We want to hear from you! iOverlander is built by overlanders, for overlanders. Our goal is to put the tools in your hands so you can share your expeditions with your friends, families, and others around the world. So, what do you want iOverlander to do for you? Let us know!

Next features for the website & apps:

There’s far too many to mention here, and they are constantly changing as voluteer resources come and go. If you have opinions or idas please send us an email.